Monday, 18 May 2015


Piku......motion se hi emotion

And its true to a T. As everyone has a rough idea, Bhaskor Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan) has constipation. Piku (Deepika Padukone) is his working daughter, who takes care of his medical needs, his complaints, suggestions and erratic whims. Even after being irritated in her workplace meetings and date nights by Dad's complaints of colour and consistency of constipated stool, she puts up with him ------ how can you possibly make your big baby understand that what he's doing is irrational? He wants her to be a strong independent woman and not marry somewhere from where she couldn't take care of him during his needs. She wants him to stop whining all the time worrying unnecessarily about his health conditions (which seem normal except for the disturbed motion of the digestive tract).

Bhaskor Banerjee in many ways is a regular 70-year-old disease-riddled hypochondriac dad. His complaints and childish tantrums and weird discussions in front of other people gets to her daughter. But she remains silent; however her eyes scream in protest. After some time, her lips bend into a smile and she shakes her head, thinking about his silly notions and whimsical behaviour.

Then there is Rana, the cab company owner who drives the father-daughter duo to their hometown Kolkata. During their road trip, as Rana's twisted logic and cracky solutions begin to soften the bickering between the family members, the constipation condition starts to get better. Dad becomes better to reason with. Daughter opens up and relaxes. In many ways Rana acts as catalyst in the rebonding of emotions between them.

The famous cycling of Bhaskor shahib in the streets of Kolkata follow. He feels at home. He feels energised. He becomes happy. On returning home, he proclaims that it is his best day ever. And as you guessed it, is emotion se bhi motion juri hui hain. Best day ever equals know.

What happens in the end? I'm not going to tell that. That's for the viewers to find out. Dining table discussions of shit, road discussions of get the general idea. Shit is everywhere. It is a very light hearted film  with a very strong delivery of unconditional love. Yes, that kind of love does exist. For inspite of many flaws, Bhaskor Banerjee is Piku's best man ever. Every person watching this piece of art will definitely identify himself or herself with it.

Another thing of mention is the flawless acting by the best of actors in this age. I'll be surprised if one of them doesn't win an award for this. Shoojit Sircar has once again delivered his level best, and we as hindi cinema fans are grateful for his filmmaking gifts. Anupam Roy wins our bong hearts with pleasant naturalistic music in The Journey Song and Bezubaan.

It's a perfect movie for a weekend watch. Missing it would be a considerable loss. Grab your family, your friends, or just grab yourself and a tub of popcorn as you laugh and say "aww" and wipe a tear away. You won't regret it.


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